TEMS Director is a web-based service that allows you to remotely control and manage a fleet of TEMS probes. In addition, it links the data collected by these probes with thresholds deciding what tests need to be performed. Our network performance management software helps you decide which work orders should be executed by each probe, and which routes should be driven to collect sufficient data. In the long run, this allows you to better manage your team, improving their efficiency and reducing the need for highly skilled individuals.

TEMS Director helps you improve overall efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs. It is an all-in-one solution for remote management and monitoring of a variety of mobile and/or fixed test probes, as well as real-time data analytics and reporting.

With TEMS Director, your team can plan and manage multiple network testing projects across a variety of TEMS solutions, including TEMS Pocket, TEMS Investigation, TEMS Paragon, and TEMS Sense, all from a centralized back-office web-based user interface.

Key benefits and features

Reduce your network test costs

Using TEMS Director, you can significantly reduce the amount of field work, especially your skilled engineering resources. With a complete set of back-office administration tools that enables you to manage (develop, control, analyse) your tests, you can centralize and gain efficiency.

Improve the quality of your tests

When your team executes network tests, especially in the field, it is hard to know when the work is done or if they collected enough meaningful samples. With TEMS Director’s “definition of done” feature, the system ensures that the test results are valid and contain the exact amount of relevant samples you require.

Execute a comprehensive test strategy

When it comes to network testing, you have numerous scenarios and environments to deal with. With our network performance management software, you can manage all your TEMS network testing solutions, share network scripts, and analyse your results in a single platform.

Gain real-time visibility of your results

With tests running in all parts of your network, you need to know that things are going smoothly. Thanks to the real-time visibility of your test probe status, results and location, along with a comprehensive alarm system, you can address operational issues quickly and reliably.